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Hello Aravindet, welcome to Wikipedia. I hope you enjoy editing here and being a Wikipedian. You can learn more on the how to edit page. The naming conventions and manual of style pages are also useful. Feel free to experiment at the Wikipedia:Sandbox. If you have any questions about the project then check out Wikipedia:Help or add a question to the Village pump. Angela

Hi Aravindet, nice work on Boss (video game). Thanks for contributing! :) -- schnee


Hi Aravind,
Saw you posting at Talk:Kerala. The Malayalam version IS lousy, but in the spirit of Wikipedia, it's almost just a placeholder waiting for somebody (you?) to add/edit material. As for the 'correct letter compounding', the solution is not as simple as that. Wikipedia uses Unicode and most browsers don't support Malayalam Unicode properly yet. We cannot use other custom fonts like those used by Malayalam newspaper websites. In fact, most of these fonts are copyrighted and using one particular font is not in the spirit of Wikipedia. afaik, the encoding in Malayalam Wikipedia complies with the Unicode standard, we are waiting for better compliance from browsers and OS. The welcome page at Malayalam Wikipedia has some instructions on how to set up your browser to view Malayalam Unicode reasonably well and how to contribute. Unfortunately, it works only for Windows. Looking forward to more contributions from you. ~Vinod 24 June, 2003
ps: The '_mp fellas' are brothers.
pps: Read the revamped article on Kerala. Nice job. Will hold some comments for later.

Wikipedia:Indian wikipedians' notice board[edit]

Hi Aravindet. I would like you to be an active member of Wikipedia:Indian wikipedians' notice board. utcursch 07:03, Dec 29, 2004 (UTC)

Request you to vote. Calcutta move to Kolkata[edit]

There is a vote on to decide if a move of article from Calcutta to Kolkata should be made. I have made a case for a support vote. I request you to participate in the poll and share your independent opinion. More at Talk:Calcutta#Straw_poll_on_the_move_of_Calcutta_to_Kolkata Regards Arunram 17:50, 7 Mar 2005 (UTC)

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