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How can we begin?[edit]

hi andries , maybe we should layout the major ingredients that were taken over from sant mat. Like the concept of the unbroken lineage, claiming all great masters as part of the line e.g. buddha, krishna, mohammed. where mohammed has indeed an imortant part even if his name is avoided out of fear today. it was the conflict of arriving muslim conquerors that encountered indian culture which gave birth to the sikh religion and the later sant mat. it shows that these matter is clearly a concept of another religion, which is still taken over by rawat as quoted in the "comprehension video" from 2001. And there is the blending with the Radhasoami religion that took place, maybe this blending isn't too well documented though there are signs, that sant mat purists complain to be confounded with radhasoami. i have heard that hans has had at least two gurus. maybe we could do some real research, that can maybe give some light to the different streams. There even was a fifth technique (i guess it was a mantra) which was abonded after hans( probably claiming it to be too physical[as if touching your forehead with your finger , sticking your fingers in the ear and flapping your tongue is less physical then a sound produced by your body]).

It is religious traditions that make the scene even if you change the names( satsang, service meditation were demanded as you could read in the document, as part of the path, nothing basically has changed). adapting to western style means using public relation and presenting a clean image like the deception we are used by our politicians. that this is even handled like that is such an embarrassing sign of decadence and a proof that there is nothing positive that is to be expected by this person. let us stay in contact and discuss a bit about the approach. IMO we can do some work that may reach out a bit our own circles or ex-circles. if we could develop some rules or recommendations on how to approach such a field of spiritual nastyness, it would be great. thomas

my first entry[edit]

this is really groce and probably very much POV, but nonetheless the truth behind it.let us see what we can do with that. BTW, in the Guru article , zappaz added the ru is light to the upanishad sentence implying that this is what this upanishad is truly saying, which is wrong. this is obviously trying to smuggle that meaning in and giving it a pointer to the old scriptures. bad style anyway.thomas